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This beautiful 17,000 sqft custom home was built in Langley BC for a special client. This home has every detail you would want on a custom build. Read more »

This "Palatial Villa" is an architectural statement, amidst a sprawling country setting. An elegant, modern revival of the Spanish Tudor style, the high-contrast white stucco and black details pop against the natural backdrop. Read more »

"Let There Be Light" is a complete re-imagining of a 1920's Tudor-style mansion, that garnered multiple Georgie and Ovation awards, and earned Versa Homes a trophy for Best Renovated Room of 2017. Read more »


Beautiful New Home Build in Somerset, Surrey BC. Read more »

Custom and modern home renovation. Read more »


Addition and interior renovation. Read more »


Design-Build, New Construction. Read more »


Upper floor interior renovation. Read more »


Interior renovation. Read more »